Top 3 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Top 3 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Blogs

We show you our choice of the top 3 Google Analytics plugins you should be using for WordPress.

We have chosen what we think are the top 5 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress blogs. We are going to look at the features offered and how easy the WordPress plugin is to install and use to help you choose the best for your blog.

Why you need a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress

Think of your blog as like your car. The dashboard of your car provides you with analytics about how well your vehicle is running. The same applies to Google Analytics for WordPress blogs.

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The analytics show you what is happening with your blog and how well it is doing in Google search, plus more. Google Analytics can be installed easily into your blog where it can collect information.

Among other things it shows you how many visitors you have had along with engagement, traffic insights in real time and much more. You can find out about your audience, how effective your campaigns are, track conversion goals and improve marketing.


So, now onto the top 5 Google Analytics plugins for WordPress blogs.

1. MonsterInsights

In first place is MonsterInsights for very good reason. More than 2 million people have chosen the company and it is the most popular analytics plugin used.

The plugin is extremely easy to use while at the same time being powerful, offering plenty of advanced features. It takes just a couple of clicks to install and you don’t need to add code.

It offers a great looking dashboard where you can find out about all aspects of your blog, including visitors, devices used, coversion rate, revenue and more.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics WordPress plugin

The plugin offers the following:

  • 1-click integration with Facebook Instant Articles;
  • Tracking add-on for Google AdSense ads;
  • Affiliate link tracking;
  • Outbound link tracking;
  • Telephone link tracking;
  • Support for multiple sites;
  • Much more.

2. GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is a lightweight solution to adding the tracking code on all pages of your blog and it is GDPR compliant.

You can choose which visitors to track so you are not tracking admin-level users of your blog and it is packed with features.

The plugin is available to use freely but if you want to access most of the features you will have to upgrade to the pro version.

3. WP Google Analytics Events

Third on our list of the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is WP Google Analytics Events.

This is a good choice if you only want to keep an eye on events on your blog, such as what visitors are reading, or tracking video views.

The plugin makes it very easy to find out information about visitors to your blog and you do not need any coding experience for installation.

There is a free version of the plugin but don’t expect it to offer as much in-depth information as the likes of our number one choice MonsterInsights.

Some of the main features of the plugin are:

  • Tracking in-page navigation to find out what visitors do;
  • Comparison of call-to-action buttons;
  • Find out what visitors are reading;
  • Keep an eye on contact form conversions.

So, which is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress?

In our eyes, MonsterInsights is without a doubt the best analytics plugin for your WordPress blog.

It provides tons of valuable information about all aspects of your blog and there are different price plans to choose from, to ensure it is affordable.

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