Beginners Guide to SEO for WordPress

Beginners Guide to SEO for WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog with the aim of selling products or making money from affiliate links SEO is crucial. However, if you search on the internet for guides to SEO for your site more often than not you will find them excessively technical. This may leave you wondering how to do seo for WordPress. Therefore, with this in mind we have a beginner’s guide to SEO for WordPress that explains in easy terms all you need to know.

You have made a good choice by having your site or blog hosted on the WordPress platform. It is search engine optimization friendly to begin with. However, you can do a great deal more to make it more so.

So, there are many steps you can undertake to optimize your blog and we are going to show you how to do it easily.

The importance of SEO

To attract visitors and potential customers to your blog you have to get into the search engines and Google is one of the biggest out there.

However, you cannot just start a blog, fill it with content, and expect flocks of visitors straight away. If you do not show up on the first page in Google search, you might as well forget it. Many people only stay on the first page of a Google search and rarely scroll down to links close to the bottom. If you are not close to the top, the competition out there that is, will get the visitors.

This is why search engine optimization is important. With the correct SEO for WordPress, you stand to rank higher.

You do not even have to become a master in search engine optimization to see a boost in your rankings and traffic. So let us look at some of the steps you can take on your own in our how to do SEO for WordPress guide.

Check visibility of your WordPress to search engines

This is an easy task to accomplish, yet an important step.

When you set up your blog there is the option under Settings – Reading, to discourage search engines from indexing your blog. As you might expect if this option is ticked they may not index your site, so it will not show up in searches.

So, go ahead and make sure this option is unticked. Then click on the “Save changes” button.

SEO for WordPress settings

Check your permalinks are SEO friendly

Another easy to do task to improve SEO for WordPress is to check the permalinks are SEO friendly.

The permalinks are the URLs of your blog posts and how they are shown on search engines.

A friendly one would be the Name of the site/Title of the blog post.

You can tick the box in the permalink sections of settings and choose “Post name” to do this.

Install a good SEO for WordPress Plugin

There are complex parts to search engine optimization for websites and these are better left for specialists.

However, you can install a good SEO for WordPress plugin to take over and undertake a full audit of your blog.

SEMrush SEO plugin

SEMrush SEO WordPress plugin

SEMrush for instance is one of the best all-round tools for search enging optimization for WordPress and you can try it for free. This means you get to see the huge difference it can make to your rankings and visitors without risk.

With SEMrush installed you can save many dozens of hours you would typically have to spend on optmizing your blog or site. It also means you dont have to spend hours learning how to do SEO for WordPress yourself.

The tool is a favourite of bloggers and professional experts along with marketers and businesses. This is due to it offering a set of tools that are comprehensive to grow your traffic.

It takes away the stress of having to find organic keywords along with search terms for easier ranking. The software allows you to make competitive research, allowing you to find the keywords competitors rank for, allowing you to get head. Check out the video below. It is one of the best WordPress plugin for SEO.

The software also helps you to improve the content on your blog via the SEO writing assistant tool. As it integrates directly into WordPress, it ensures any content you write is SEO friendly.

Keyword Researcher for long tail keywords

Keyword Rearcher for WordPress SEOChoosing good keywords is essential to rankings and it can take many hours searching for the best ones. Some keywords are easier to rank for than others are and long tail keywords are a great addition to your SEO campaign.

Instead of having to spend time looking for and comparing manually you can use Keyword Researcher. Again, this is a valuable tool for SEO for WordPress and one that you really should not be without as it does make search engine optimization so much easier and faster.

To summarise

So, there you have it now you know the secret to why SEO for WordPress is so important and how many of the well-known websites and blogs managed to rank high in Google.

You can do a little bit yourself to help improve your rankings but it does take a lot of effort without any help. However, with the help of the best WordPress plugin for SEO you can do a whole lot in a shorter amount of time and quickly see your rankings get boosted along with your website visitors.

We hope you have ennjoyed our guide to how to optimize WordPress site for SEO and put it into practice.

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