How to Optimize WordPress Sites – Its Easier Than You Think

How to Optimize WordPress Sites – Its Easier Than You Think

Are you wondering how to optimize WordPress sites to get higher search engine rankings? Well wonder no more as it is easier than you might think with a little help. We are going to talk about things you can do yourself along with some of the best WordPress plugins for SEO and optmization that you might want to use. So, let us begin.

Using the information below you can optimize WordPress for SEO, which in turn will help you to get better Google rankings in the search engines, which will attract more website visitors.

Choose your WordPress theme wisely

You want a clean looking website for your visitors but the theme also has to be mobile friendly as Google does put a lot of emphasis on mobile versions of the site.

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Today the majority of people who browse the internet do so using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. So, choose a theme that looks good for both desktop and mobile users and while is lightweight so it loads fast.

How to optimize WordPress sites? Ony install necessary plugins

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, including SEO plugins. However, do not get carried away installing them, only install plugins which are necessary and which benefit your blog.

We are going to talk about some of the best WordPress plugins for SEO below, any of which can help you to optimize WordPress sites with ease.

Bear in mind the more plugins installed, the slower the website is going to be. If your blog is slow we recommend WPRocket. This plugin provides tools that can vastly speed up your blog and it is one that we use ourselves.

If you want to find out how to optimize WordPress sites for SEO without having to spend many hours learning and fixing errors on your website another plugin we highly recommend using is SEMrush.

Take out the trash

Just as Windows computer holds everything that you delete on your computer the same applies to the trash bin on WordPress.

You might think that when you delete a file, piece of content, post or anything else it is gone. However, this is not so. Whatever you delete remains on your site taking up space for a period of 30 days before it is deleted automatically.

To clear up space faster you can edit your wp-config file using the file editor on your web hosting. Edit the line where it says “define (‘Empty_Trash_Days’ , 30); and change the 30 to 7. The trash will automatically be emptied after 30 days. You can also change it “0” to bypass the trash bin.

Reduce the number of post revisions

When considering how to optimize WordPress sites for SEO and speed you can reduce the number of post revisions.

The post revisions is a good tool to have. This is due to the fact that you can go back to a previous one if you found you have made a mistake. However, having unlimited revisions can slow down your blog. A slow blog can affect the SEO in regards to Google, who does not like a slow site.

To limit the number of revisions you can gain go into the wp-config file through your file manager on your hosting and find the line that says “define( ‘WP­_POST_REVISIONS’’, 3 ); and put any number you want for the amount of revisions that will be kept. You can also take out the number and put “false” after the comma.

To summarise

So, you now know how to do SEO for WordPress website along with how to optimize WordPress site.

You can do a little of the work yourself by editing the config file through your file manager on web hosting. Honestly, this is very easy to do. Plus, you can get a plugin such as SEMrush to undertake the search enging optimization part of your blog.


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