5 Important SEO Settings for WordPress You Must Change

5 Important SEO Settings for WordPress You Must Change

We are going to look at 5 important SEO settings for WordPress that you must change to ensure your blog is search engine friendly. This is important because it is going to help your blog to get into search engine rankings, which in turn boosts website visitors.

Search engine optimization is a valuable tool for all blog owners. While WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box, you can add to it by doing some simple things.

Give your permalinks a tune-up

There is a section on the WordPress blog called Permalinks. Permalinks play an important role in SEO.

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However, when you first set up your blog the permalinks need some tuning, as they are not as pretty as they should be. The permalinks are plain, for instance, “p=32”. You should change this to post name, which will give the permalink the name of your website /yourpostname.

This way you can have your keywords in the permalinks. This is one of the most important SEO settings for WordPress that you simply must change.

Write and post unique content often

You need to keep your blog current. While this is not typically, a setting that you have to change it is a very important part of SEO for your blog so it is worth mentioning.

What is important is that you change settings related to the content of your blog. For instance, if you have an SEO plugin such as All in One SEO or Yoast you should remember to change the settings in these after you have written your post content.

This includes the SEO Title, slug and the focus keyword.

In regards to the content, make sure you have included your focus keyword in it, but don’t stuff keywords in as this can go against you.

Can search engines see your website

It is worth checking the settings of your new WordPress blog to make sure that your blog is visible to search engines such as Google.

You can find this in Settings – Reading. A box can be ticked if you do not want search engines to index your site. This should NOT be ticked, if it is your site may not appear in Google search.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most important SEO settings for WordPress that needs attention.

Make sure your blog is speed optimised

No one wants a slow blog and there are settings you can change to help speed up the site.

It does help if you start the right way with hosting and WPEngine is a good example of hosting as it is tailored towards WordPress.

However, if you already have web hosting you could consider adding in a plugin that helps to speed up your WordPress blog.

WPRocket is a great example of a plugin that speeds up your blog. Once installed check the website for changes to the settings in the plugin that you should make to get the most from it.

Choose tags and categories wisely

Another of the important SEO settings for WordPress that needs changing is the tags and categories section when you write a post.

This section is found to the right when writing your content and you need to tag your content to both tags and categories. However, you must choose the correct tags and categories.

For instance, if writing about SEO for WordPress you could put it under the SEO and WordPress category and the same applies to tags.

Change settings of images

Images are a good way of getting a point across and they brighten up dull looking long content in an article.

However, you can also use them in your favour to help boost SEO for your blog by changing the settings concerning the image when you upload it.

You can give the image a title; use your keyword here, along with Alt Text and the description. By utilising these settings, you tell Google what the image relates to and make your blog more search engine friendly.




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