Why link building is important for your WordPress blog

Why link building is important for your WordPress blog

You really need to pay attention to link building for your WordPress blog and we show you why it is important.

You might have heard about links and link building but you are not too familiar with what those links actually do. Sure, they link you to something or something links to you but what is the point? Actually, there is a lot of point to building links and it is important so here we are going to demystify link building and explain why it is important for your WordPress blog.

Links are an important factor to Google search

Links are important for search engines and is one of the ranking factors used by Google. They help the search giant to discover new web pages along with aiding in how well the page ranks in search results.

According to Google if a page has a large number of back links that page must be important, so the higher it ranks.

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Of course, linking can go against you also as if you add in too many links it is seen as over optimisation and the website is penalised by Google. Therefore, you really have to know what you are doing when it comes to link building.

This is where the software tool Traffic Travis is worth its weight in gold. We cannot stress enough how much it can help you to find and monitor backlinks. Why not give the plugin a test? For $1 you can get a 7-day trial with full use, get yours here.

Not only can the software help with monitoring of backlinks, it also helps with keyword research, page analysis and overall site tracking.

Other benefits to link building in WordPress

Google rankings are not the only area where link building is essential. Links come in useful in many other ways.

Help to build relationships

Link building can help to build relationships with relevant blogs in the same industry as yours.

Links to and from other popular and well-liked blogs or websites can help your blog to become more trusted and regarded.

Build your brand

Links can help you to build your brand up, which is essential if you are a new business.

By creating content and adding in links you reach out to like minded people and companies, showing off your expertise. People within your industry are then more likely to spread the word about your business.

Earning from your blog

Another way in which links are used is to earn money from your blog. For instance, I could show you the following graphic and it has a link that can be clicked on. In this case, it is a link that would take you to an essential product for all bloggers, Keyword Researcher.

LinkThis link takes the visitor to the Keyword Researcher website where they can get their hands on software that can help to find those much needed long tail keywords to insert within content to boost Google rankings. At the same time if the software is purchased i would make money through the affiliate link. This is a great way to earn from a blog. This is a valuable SEO tool for any blog or website.

Of course, when link building you do have to have content to be able to add links to and if you want help with content for your blog or website, you can contact us for an affordable quote for written content.


backlink tools

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