Make an SEO Friendly Website in WordPress in 5 Easy Steps

Make an SEO Friendly Website in WordPress in 5 Easy Steps

So, you have started a blog in WordPress and you are desperate to get it ranked high in Google search and other search engines. Don’t worry we are going to show you how to make an SEO friendly website in WordPress. If you follow these tips you stand a better chance of improving your rankings, which of course, is the main goal with any website.

Throughout this article, we are going to show you how to make a website search engine friendly using a little common knowledge, plugins, keyword optimization, Google webmaster tools and more.

So, to learn how to make an SEO friendly website in WordPress just follow the steps below.

1.    Make use of an SEO WordPress plugin

One way to make a WordPress blog SEO friendly is to install one of the many SEO plugins for WordPress.


There are several to choose from but we highly recommend Yoast , MonsterInsights or all All in One SEO plugin.

Either of these plugins offers free and paid versions and once installed integrate with your blogs post page to make it easy to give your post a good title, meta title, keywords and more.

The plugin will also give you a ranking on how well optimized your post is so that you can make amendments.

2. Use Google Webmaster Tools to check for errors

Google Webmaster Tools aka Google Search Console is a great free to use tool that helps you in search engine optimization.

Using it, you can find and fix any errors fast. This includes mobile issues, bad Meta descriptions, security issues and more. All of these can be found under the section Search Appearance – HTML Improvements.

To begin using it you do have to verify the blog and there are plugins available that allow you to input your code easily or you can do it through Yoast or All in One SEO plugin.

Google Webmaster tools

3. Proofread your content

The content on your blog goes a long way towards search engine optimization.

Therefore, this tip in our list of how to make an SEO friendly website in WordPress concentrates on content.

The content should be interesting and relevant to your website of course. For instance, if your website is about jewellery make sure your content reflects this. It should be easy to read and provide good information.

You should also proofread your content to make sure it is error-free and it makes sense.

Keep the paragraphs small and do not forget punctuation in the right places.

You should also add-in bullet lists along with images to keep things interesting.

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4. Get help choosing keywords

Keywords are an important part of your content and as such, you need to choose them wisely.

Your keywords should, of course, relate to your blog and one of the many ways you can find them is with Keyword Researcher.

This tool can help you to choose the best keywords to integrate into your content to help you in the search engine rankings by matching those who search with your website.

You can also find keywords by typing in your main keyword on Google search and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Google suggested keywords

Here it will show you searches related to the keyword you typed in. It costs nothing to do this and these keywords can be very valuable for your SEO campaign. Of course, Google suggested them, so it cannot hurt to use them in your posts, as of course, they are relevant.

5. Choose an SEO friendly theme

Even the theme you use for your blog can make a difference, so number five on our list of how to make an SEO friendly website in WordPress is choosing a search engine friendly theme.

While there are many free to use themes out there, it can pay to spend a little on a theme that stands out.


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