5 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Blog

5 Tips to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Blog

If you are wondering how to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO, one way you can do it is to obtain valuable quality backlinks. We have 5 tips for gaining backlinks to help you increase your ranking in the search engines.

Before we look into our tips, one word of warning about what not to do to get quality backlinks to your site. Never be tempted to pay out on websites that promise you hundreds of links to your site. While you may get links they will not be valuable and this can harm your blogs reputation more than boost it.

So let use start with our hints and tips, which if followed can get you backlinks for your blog or website, which can help you to climb up in rankings.

1. Use Google Plus

If you have a Google Plus account for your brand, you can put it to good use to obtain backlinks for your blog.

We are talking about the “Story” section which is located in the “About” section of Google Plus.

Within this area, you can take advantage of “do-follow” links. Links can be created in the Page and Profile using anchor text.

2. Build your brand using Quora

There are many forums on the internet and one of the best is Quora. Many people have used it successfully to build up their brand and reputation in a field. Millions of people follow the channel and you can take advantage of this fact.

You can get links on Quora by helping people on the site. Simply sign up and answer questions and the links used in answers take a backlink from Quora.

3. It’s All About keywords

Keywords are a valuable asset to content on your blog when considering how to optimize SEO for WordPress.

There are plenty of tools out there to help you choose the correct keywords for your site. These include SEMrush and Keyword Researcher.

You can use the same keywords as others in your niche, connect with other sites, and swap links.

4. Write and publish research reports

You can get quality backlinks for your blog to improve WordPress SEO and rankings for your site by undertaking research and writing reports then publishing them.

If you can get agencies to publish your report you can get numerous backlinks and you don’t even have to be too technical with data. A good tip is to include visuals with data.

5. Don’t forget testimonials

Testimonials on landing pages are a godsend. They are a very easy way to build up a sense of trust.

If people have left good reviews about your site or products, others are going to trust in your site or brand too.

It is easy to install a comments section or review section on your blog and encourage visitors or customers to leave comments.

To summarize

We hope you have enjoyed our tips to get quality backlinks for your WordPress blog and you have put some of them into practice.

Of course, while obtaining good quality links back to your blog is one part of SEO optimization it is by no means the only thing you can do to help boost your Google rankings. To get the best chances of reaching the coveted number one page on Google and other search engines you can complete a full SEO audit of your blog.

Our choice would be SEMrush and it is also the choice of many top websites and blogs out there. You have nothing to lose as you can check out this valuable software tool without risk by clicking on the banner above.

With SEMrush to you can find out how to improve your rankings in the search engines, plus get quality backlinks, without having to spend a lot of time researching how to conduct and audit of your blog. Simply, use the software and let it tell you the areas that you need to focus on.


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