Comprehensive SEO for WordPress blogs – how to do it right

Comprehensive SEO for WordPress blogs – how to do it right

Have you considered SEO for Word for your WordPress blogs? If so you might be wondering how to do it right. Just follow these tips.

If you have a blog you will have heard the words SEO everywhere you look online. It stands for search engine optimization and it really can help you to get better Google rankings. Here we take a look into SEO for WordPress blogs and how to do it the right way.

So throughout this post we will look at some of the many ways you can optimize your WordPress blog.

Add your blog or site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the first step for anyone who wants to gain more insight into how well their blog or site is performing on Google. This is a separate website to Google Analytics so do not confuse the two. You will also have to verify your site by adding a code to the site.

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DIY website audit improves SEO for WordPress

There are many factors to take into account when undertaking an audit of your blog or website. Some of the many factors to consider include:

  • Links, including back links and internal links;
  • Weeding out thin content on your blog;
  • Identify duplicate content;
  • Keyword optimization – you might consider Traffic Travis;
  • Checking use of H1, H2 tags;
  • Optimization of Meta Tags;
  • Speed test.

As you can see the above are just a few of the numerous factors that you have to take into account when making your own SEO audit. Thankfully, when using WordPress you can make use of plugins to make the whole process much easier and you do not have to do it manually.

Get a professional SEO Audit

One way of getting the SEO right on your WordPress blog is to undertake an SEO audit.

There are many plugins and software out there and SEMrush makes it easy to audit your site, discover back link opportunities and ways to grow. Click Here!

It is the number one of SEO tools for WordPress to help you manage your SEO, content, advertising and much more. The software can help in the following aspects of any website or blog:

  • Organic research;
  • Organic traffic insights;
  • Researching keywords;
  • Tracking rankings;
  • Site audit;
  • Quality back links;
  • Search engine sensor;
  • Ad builder;
  • PPC keyword tool;
  • Content audit;
  • Topic research;
  • Competitive research;
  • Traffic analytics;
  • Much more.

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SEMrush has been the choice of leading bloggers and web masters including TopRank Marketing, and It is the single best WordPress plugin for SEO out there.

Use a WordPress Analytics plugin

If you are going to do SEO for WordPress blogs correctly you need to know where your blog stands in regards to Google rankings.

Google analytics is of course the key to this and as you are using WordPress for your site you are in good hands as you can download one of the best Google Analytics plugins, MonsterInsights.

The plugin means you can access your Google Analytics data directly on the WordPress dashboard.  You do not have to open up analytics in the web browser, simply go to the tab in your dashboard.


Some of the main features of using the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin for WordPress include:

  • Your Google Analytics report inside your dashboard;
  • Actionable insights;
  • Universal tracking;
  • Stats are available in real-time;
  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking;
  • Affiliate link and ad tracking;
  • Page level analytics;
  • Performance and optimization;
  • EU compliance.

In summary

While you can be the master of your blog and undertake your own SEO audit it does take a great deal of time.

While you might be reluctant to hand over cash for plugins, in the long run it does pay. Your will have peace of mind that your site is SEO ready and you will soon see the benefits when your site rises in the search engines and brings in more visitors.

If you want written unique SEO content for your blog or website click on this link to get a quote. Just tell us how many words you require, the topic you want and any keywords you need including and we will give you an affordable quote.

We have shown you how to optimize SEO for WordPress blogs so go out there and do it.

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