5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better WordPress Search Rankings

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better WordPress Search Rankings

Getting into the top of Google search rankings is number one for all webmasters and the same will apply for your WordPress blog, however big or small. Here we have 5 SEO mistakes to avoid for better WordPress search rankings. By avoiding the mistakes, you stand to get higher results and more visitors to your website.

If you are not on the first page of Google search the chances of attracting visitors to your site is slim. Not many people will look at pages after the first one, which means your site is not going to be seen, regardless of whether you offer a better service or lower prices. One way of digging out issues on your blog is through an SEO audit through the number one SEO software SEMrush.

For now, let us move on to look at the top 5 SEO mistakes to avoid.

1. Do not ignore status issues

First on our list of SEO mistakes to avoid is status issues and these should not be ignored. You might find you have broken internal links, pages that have not been crawled, broken internal images or other errors.

These are not going to go away and need taking care of as soon as possible. SEMrush SEO software is one good way of keeping up to date with status issues and is worth its weight in gold and you can try it for free.

One of the worst issues or status codes that need immediate attention is the Error 404 or Page Not Found. This means your website or blog cannot be accessed. If it cannot be accessed no one can get onto your site.

Broken internal links can have a detrimental effect on your WordPress SEO so also need fixing ASAP.

2. Do not forget to include Meta tags

The Meta tags on your website are important as they help the search engines to identify what your website and content is about and connect them with keywords on your site and what people search for.

Meta descriptions provide a great chance to include your keywords along with related phrases.

Meta tags need to be unique and tailored to your blog. One word of warning – if you do not create them then Google does based on user query keywords. This tends to lead to search terms being mismatched along with the results.

Title tags and Meta descriptions should have your main keywords and be of the right length and not duplicated. This is where a great tool called KeyWord Researcher can help, check it out below.

3. Avoid duplicate content

Next on our list of SEO mistakes to avoid is duplicate content and this is essential as it can damage your rankings in the search engine for a long time.

Therefore, never be tempted to copy and paste any content from any website. This is called plagiarism and not only can it affect your Google rankings, but it can also see you in court.

Make sure that your written content is unique and look for any duplicate descriptions along with H1 tags. Keep them unique.

4. Keep an eye on link problems

Around half of blogs and websites that have an audit have issues with links. This applies to external and internal links.

Things to watch out for in links include underscores in the URLs, no follow attributes and having HHTP not HHTPS.

However, the SEMrush tool can pick up broken links so that you can go ahead and fix them. It can be surprising how much link issues can affect the WordPress SEO.

5. Issues with webpage crawling

Now, the last tip we have of SEO mistakes to avoid is issues with webpage crawling and this affects search rankings a great deal.

For instance, there may be an issue with the sitemap or your robots.txt. If the search engine cannot access your website, it is not going to be listed in search results, so no one will know you are online.

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