The Best 5 SEO Optimization Checklist to Improve WordPress Rankings

The Best 5 SEO Optimization Checklist to Improve WordPress Rankings

If you have chosen WordPress for your blog you are going to be interested in our SEO optimization checklist. Whiile you have chosen well as it already is SEO friendly there is still a lot you can do and we show you how you can easily improve WordPress rankings.

Sadly, it is not as simple as writing blog content and uploading it then watching as your blog rises up the Google search rankings on the first page. No, you have to put hard work and determination into achieving good results.

What is SEO optimization for WordPress?

SEO optimization is the same for WordPress as it is for any other website. While the platform certainly helps out of the box, there are still the same measures you can take to make your blog search engine friendly.

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Search engine consists of many factors and here we are going to show you an SEO optimization checklist that you can consider and ask yourself if all pertains to your blog.

1.    Start off right with a reliable web host provider

You really should start as you mean to go on and start by hosting your WordPress blog on a reliable web host provider. If you want higher performance WordPress hosting you cannot go wrong with WP Engine.

Things you need to consider include how fast the provider is, its uptime and security. You can host your blog directly with WordPress or choose a reliable hosting provider with one-click installation for WordPress.

2.    Choose your theme with SEO in mind

Next up on our SEO optimization checklist is to choose a theme with SEO in mind. The default theme after installing a new site leaves a lot to be desired but there are many free and paid themes available.

You might want to check out WPEngines themes. The site offers themes and plugins and you can build a great blog using the Divi theme.

3.    Install an SEO plugin to audit your blog

There are plenty of plugins available to help you out with SEO, such as All in One SEO Pack. However, we highly recommend using Google SEO Tools.

The plugin is one of the most popular choices for search engine optimization for websites around the world so you would be in safe hands. An alternative is SEMrush, also another superb choice for all site audits to boost search rankings.

Either of these SEO tools for WordPress can become a valuable part of your arsenal on your quest for search engine optimization to help get your blog into the first page of Google search.

4.    Make sure your blog can be indexed

It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway, you want to make sure this is on your SEO optimization checklist, as without it your blog is not going to be indexed in Google search results.

So, to make sure just head into Settings – Reading and make sure that there is no tick mark in the discourage search engine box.

5.    Submit your XML sitemap to Google search console

You should make an account with Google search console to keep an eye on how your blog is doing, including whether pages and posts are indexed.

When you have made an account and signed in verify your blog by using one of the methods.

Once the blog is verified, go to the “Sitemaps” and add your blogs XML sitemap. Many plugins can generate a sitemap in this format, including All in One SEO plugin.

Now Google will read the sitemap, and Google will find your content. Of course, the sitemap is updated whenever you add new content it will be picked up by Google.



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