Top 3 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress You Must Have

Top 3 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress You Must Have

We are looking at the top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress that you simply should have for your blog. These are all plugins that can help you rise up the search engine rankings and we are going to reveal them to you.

1.    SEMrush

Number one on our list of the top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress is SEMrush. There are many reasons we put this at the top of our list of the best WordPress plugins, with the first being the beautiful interface that is packed with information.

top 3 seo plugins for wordpress

The clean looking interface provides a ton of information about your blog and offers a superb keyword research tool allowing you to take a deep look into your chosen keywords along with related terms.

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It can be surprising just how many related terms you might not have thought about and you can use these as keywords to help boost your rankings.

SEMrush can save you many hours of work looking for keywords, key phrases and related keywords.

Along with finding keywords, you can also check out and analyse competitor’s websites to find out which keywords they are using, including the top keywords. This part of the interface is packed with information, including a helpful graph and traffic timeline.

SEMrush also offers a website audit, again another reason it made the number one spot on our list of the top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress that you must have.

You get a great idea of the traffic to your site and you can see if you have any penalties on the website. It also shows you highlight peaks in traffic and you can get an estimation of traffic.

Other tools include backlink analysis, Domain vs Domain sidebar and more.

2.    WPEngine

Starting right with your WordPress blog with the right web hosting and theme can make a huge difference to how well your blog does in searches. WPEngine is our number one choice for web hosting and themes.

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Again, there are many reasons why we put WPEngine close to the top of our list of the best WordPress plugins for SEO. The first is that it cannot be beaten for web hosting a blog as it is tailored towards WordPress.

If you want a host specifically for a blog, WPEngine simply cannot be beaten. The manged hosting plans are extremely fast and the company is one of the biggest in this space.

WPEngine has more than 120,000 customers worldwide so you are among good company if you choose this host.

Not only does it boast high-performance for your WordPress blog, it takes care of the majority of ongoing tasks that are required for running a secure and stable blog. Something that low-cost web hosting cannot deliver.

Shared hosting is offered too but this is not just the entry-level shared offered by many providers out there. With WPEngine, you get access to shared hosting that is well resourced, and which has been optimized specifically for WordPress.

It is not just good a hosting sites, it offers StudioPress themes. When you take up web hosting you get access to 35 themes for no extra cost.

With WPEngine, you get automatic updates to guarantee your software is always up to date, along with automatic backups.

Of course, these are just a few of the main reasons why we have put this company in second place in our choice of SEO plugins for WordPress.

3.    Google SEO Tools

Finally, the last of our top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress is Google SEO Tools.

The name of the software is just what it offers. It offers a set of tools that help with the creation of content along with increasing website traffic.

When using the software you do not have to spend hours and days getting content ready and posting the content to your blog.

The tools help you to publish articles along with creating internal links easily to content that is relevant. It helps you to place your keywords naturally to ensure that your blog ranks organically for keywords and search terms.

If you obtain a higher ranking in Google, you can increase the traffic to your blog, which means more potential income. Google SEO Tools can automate many tasks that often take many days to complete manually.

Google SEO Tools offers a variety of tools including autoposter, bulk article creator, content mixer, link creator and inserter, keyword inserter and much more.



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