Traffic Travis Review: It Really Works

Traffic Travis Review: It Really Works

We present a review of Traffic Travis, an essential tool for any WordPress blogger to boost SEO for WordPress

When i first started out in blogging some 15 years ago i began with a couple of WordPress blogs and my love of writing. While i knew how to write what i didn’t have much experience with was SEO aka search engine optimization. However, i did know that if i wanted to make money from my blogs it was needed.

When searching for SEO tips, back links came up and it can be tempting to try to take the quick route and purchase back links online. The online trouble is Google sees them as spam and you get penalized. For sure this is not the way to go to get your content ranked high in Google and i almost gave up.

However, luckily for me before i did i came across an ad for software called Traffic Travis. It is advertised as an SEO and PPC software suite and you can get 7-days use to try it out for just $1 if you click here.

I purchased the software and things took off better than i could ever have expected. My SEO strategy was revolutionized as it suddenly become effortless to find relevant and high quality back links for my blog, along with keywords that turned profits.

backlink tools

The dashboard is easy to use, even for novices to blogging or website development.


Traffic Travis SEO software helps beat competition

If you were like me you would look at your competitors and wonder why your blog was not doing as well. One of the secrets is good quality back links, but how did they get them?

Well, with Traffic Travis SEO software it is easy to spy on the competition and by doing so you can find out where they get the links.

It is easy from there as you can get the same back links. This makes SEO for WordPress or any other website extremely easy.

On-site optimization

Traffic Travis also provides on-site optimization for any blog or website.

This makes SEO simple as the software will undertake a website audit of your site and let you know what needs fixing on it and how to fix it. You could turn your blog from a C to an A+ simply using the software. Search engine optimization has never been as easy.

Find the best keywords

The software also provides you with keywords that will rank easier on Google search. Did you realize that there are easy and harder keywords to rank for? Its true and Traffic Travis helps you to find them via the keyword research tool.

The software also has rank tracking included. This makes it easy to keep an eye on which keywords are performing the best. It also shows you where they are in rankings.

To summarize

Traffic Travis can change your blogging life for the better. It is packed with many SEO optimization features and you can get it now for $1 for 7 days.

Of course, you are going to want to continue using the software, you will wonder how you managed without it.

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