What are backlinks for SEO? We provide clarity

What are backlinks for SEO? We provide clarity

So, you have set up your blog and are now considering optimizing it for SEO to get higher rankings on the search pages. One thing, among many, that you can do is get high-quality links for your site and pages. If you are new to blogging you might be wondering what are backlinks for SEO. Well, we are going to explain everything you need to know about them.

What are backlinks?

What are backlinks for SEO

As the name suggests, links on other websites that link back to your blog and content.

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They are also called inbound links. In the eyes of Google, one of the most popular search engines, they are considered votes for your website or page. Therefore, the more links you have back out there back to your website, the more votes it has, and the higher Google regard it.

Why are they so important to SEO for your blog?

Backlinks are essential if you want to rank high in the search rankings. Each one tells search engines that your content is useful and offers value.

Even though Google has made many changes to its algorithms links have remained one of the key factors when you optimize your WordPress blog. They are one of the key rankings signals.

Are all backlinks good for your site?

The short answer is no. Therefore, when considering how to get backlinks remember not all of them are good for your SEO.

To stand a chance of obtaining higher rankings you need to focus your efforts on obtaining high-quality links.

High-quality links are on websites or blogs that have high authority. This includes well-known sites in your specific field. The higher the website is on Google the higher quality your links will be seen.

A good backlink would have your main target keyword in the anchor text. This is a great tip to follow, anchor text that is keyword rich = higher rankings in the search engine. At the same time, do not overdo the keywords in the anchor text as this can be considered black hat link building.

Make sure your links make sense

The search algorithms of Google look for unnatural linking patterns so for good SEO optimization always make sure that links back to your site make sense.

Try to keep linking within your own specific field. For instance, if you have a blog about pets and pet accessories you will not do well with links on technology or baby websites.

Mobile linking strategies

Today many people favour using mobile internet on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, when considering what are backlinks for SEO you will want to consider mobile linking strategies to boost SEO for your WordPress blog.

Make sure your blog is mobile friendly as Google puts a lot of emphasis on the mobile version of sites, even to the point of putting it above desktop versions.

Use a backlinks checker

It is very time consuming to generate backlinks and it can be difficult finding which websites to try to get links from.

However, SEMrush makes it easy to optimize your WordPress blog by way of not only finding links but also full SEO audits and you can try it for yourself for free.

You can use a checker and finder to discover high-quality links and even the links used by your competitors. The amount of time this tool can save is incredible.

To summarize

You now know the answer to what are backlinks for SEO. Links are an important part of any SEO for WordPress but when wondering how to get backlinks, remember, not all links are equal. Ensure you gain quality links for relevant sites connected to your expertise and save time doing so by using SEMrush.

A backlinks checker will also check any existing links on your site to make sure they are still credible.


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