What is SEO ? Use it in your WordPress blog

What is SEO ? Use it in your WordPress blog

What is SEO? Why is it important for your WordPress blog? Read on to find the answers.

If you are new to blogs and website content you might have heard the term SEO floating about and be wondering what it is and whether it concerns your blog. We are going to explain what it is and why it is important for your website or blog. What is SEO? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a term that describes methods of optimizing your blog or website to obtain higher rankings in search engines. These are methods based on rules from search engines such as Google and Bing.

Essentially, if you want your website or blog content to rank high in search engine rankings you really need to consider whether your blog or site is SEO optimized.

SEO tools

backlink tools

There are many ways you can ensure your blog or site is optimized and this includes:

  • Backlinks;
  • Unique written content;
  • Relevant content;
  • Mobile friendly site or blog;
  • Using tags on images.

The more your blog has been optimized, the better then chances are that it will rank higher in search engines.

You can try to optimize the blog or site yourself in the settings of your blog or to make things easier you can install a WordPress SEO plugin such as Google SEO Tools.

Google SEO Tools is one of the best SEO tools to ensure your blog is fully optimized as it is easy to use.

When using  this  valuable WordPress  plugin you do not have to spend many hours or days preparing content along with posting to your blog. The plugin provides everything you need to bring traffic to your blog, which can see visitors flocking to your site.

  Why use Google SEO Tools

Using the plugin it makes it easy to publish articles of up to 500 words on a regular basis. In addition it helps in the creation of internal links to content that is relevant on the site. Whats more, you do not have to worry about placing keywords naturally in your articles. The plugin helps you to do so.

This way your content will rank organically for relevant keywords and search terms, boosting your presence in the search engine rankings.

With higher rankings in Google search you benefit from an increase in website traffic. Therefore, it can mean a boost in customers. The tools also help to ensure you can publish great content on your blog. This helps to give you authority and increases your back link profile.

Google SEO Tools automate a number of tasks that if you had to do them yourself would take days and lots of hard work.

Tools included are:

  • WordPress Autoposter;
  • Bulk article creator;
  • Content mixer;
  • Link creator;
  • Link inserter;
  • Keyword inserter;
  • Sentence reorder;
  • Many more.

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